What is a guild?
How do I get an ID (User ID, Role ID, Channel ID, Guild ID, etc.)?
I have an issue with using/installing/setting up the Bastion Bot, where can I get help?
I found a bug with the Bastion Bot, how/where can I report it?
I have a suggestion for the Bastion Bot, how can I let you know?
How can I support the Bastion Bot project?
The installer/updater stops with a <code>Killed</code> error or Bastion stops with a <code>Killed</code> error in the logs, what do I do?
How do I see the Bastion Bot's log in Linux/macOS?
How do I add more than one Owner to Bastion?
How do I know how to use a specific command?
What are the variables that I can use in greeting message, farewell message, triggers' responses, etc.?
What can I do with Bastion currency?
How can I get Bastion Currency?
How can I get more Bastion Currency with the claim or daily command?
Music commands are not working in the Public Bastion Bot?
Why is my music laggy?